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What if…….???

April 25, 2010

Raising at least $1,800 and walking 39.3 miles are big commitments.  You will probably question yourself many times during the days leading up to your Avon Walk.  The litany of “What ifs” will echo through your mind.

The other night, I saw a post on the website written by Larry Roshfeld.  Larry put together a great list of “What ifs…” , probably a number of the ones you are thinking about right now are on the list.  I have reposted it below for my gentle readers.

  • “I am SOOOO nervous” – Yes, you are. So what?
  • “What if I can’t walk all the way?’ – Who cares? No one is keeping track but you.
  • “What if I get a blister?” – So? (Medial care is available at Rest Stops and Wellness Village)
  • “What if I don’t know anyone?”  – You’ll meet hundreds of nice people.
  • “What if I packed too much?” – You did.
  • “What if I didn’t pack something?” – You’ll live.
  • “What if it rains?” – You’ll get wet; you won’t drown.
  • “What if is it cold?” – You won’t freeze to death.
  • “What if it is hot?” – You’ll sweat.
  • “What if I don’t like the food?” – You’ll be walking past approximately 472 supermarkets and convenience stores; you’ll manage.
  • “What if I don’t like the porta-potties?” – No one likes the porta-potties. You’ll survive.
  • “What if I don’t like the showers?” – So don’t shower. Though you might want to check with your tent mate first.
  • “What if I can’t sleep in a tent?” – You’ll be tired; you’ll sleep.
  • “What if…?”

Enough already with the “What if’s?” You’ll do fine. Relax and enjoy the experience.

Because of the money you’ve raised, money is going to go towards early detection programs. In a few months, a woman (or a man) is going to take advantage of one of those programs, and they’re going to find out they have breast cancer. But because of you, they will have found out early enough to get treatment, and to survive.

They’re going to get to watch their kids grow up, and to be there at their concerts and their games. They’re going to go to their graduations and to their weddings.  They’re going to get to see their grandchildren. And their kids will never have to face growing up without them. All because of you. And while they will never know it, you will know it.  Any more questions? No? 😉

For those who have not already discovered Larry’s Walk Manual, you may want to take a look as it provides a comprehensive view of engaging in fundraising walks.  There is detailed information on what to pack and how to pack, tenting, training, porta potties, etc.  Underground Guide (2008)

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