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Rain, rain go away

September 12, 2010

So what if it rains during the Walk weekend, many walkers ask.  You will get wet.  The walk is a rain or shine event. In the four years that I have participated in the Avon Walk so far – (total of 8 events), it never rained during the entire weekend.  If it rained it was typically overnight, or for an hour or two during the day.

One of the best investments you can make is a disposable poncho.  I found them at Target for under $1.00.  The are also available online.  They are great because the package is about the size of a deck of cards, so they easily fit in a fanny pack.  Recommendation is to buy 2 because it is unlikely you will be able to fold the poncho back up into its tiny original size.

Of course, many every day items can be pressed into service as rain gear. Large plastic trash bags, plastic table clothes, Mylar thermal blankets are just a view possibilities.  Walkers are very creative in their quest to stay dry.  See some photos below that I took at the Charlotte, NC and New York walks.

Other walkers have recommended bringing the following:

  • Extra pairs of socks.
  • Two pairs of sneakers, so the second day you can start with a dry pair.
  • Pack extra clothes in zip-lock baggies to keep them dry.
  • Two extra large plastic trash bags and twist ties. If your tent is cramped, put your duffle bag into a garbage bag, tie it shut, then in a second bag, tie that one shut, and leave it outside (the trash bags will keep your duffle bag dry from rain and from morning dew.) – And as an added bonus, you have two raincoats.
  • A dozen clothespins or binder clips (available at any office supply store or borrow them from your office).  Clip the tarp tightly to the top of your tent, or it will flap in the wind and drive you crazy as you try to sleep.
  • A small chamois towel  packed in a  zip top bag, and placed on the top of  the things in your duffle bag. That way, if your gear gets wet while sitting outside in the rain, you have something to use to dry the plastic bags off.

Photos from Charlotte, NC and New York

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