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Show Me The Money

October 1, 2010

Well, it’s T -2 weeks until the walk.  I just reached my fund-raising goal today, $5,000.  Our team captain, Janet, has already raised $13,900 and hasn’t stopped asking for money.

Walkers are usually more worried about the fund-raising than walking a marathon and a half over a weekend.  Most walkers meet the $1,800 fund-raising commitment.  Many raise more money.

There are some walker who get to event eve short of the $1,800 required to walk.   There are a few options available if you haven’t met the goal.

Deferred commitment

If you have not yet met your donation minimum you may choose the deferred commitment option to guarantee the minimum donation amount.  A deferred commitment is your promise to fund-raise for two months after the event in order to meet your minimum of $1,800.  If after that time you have not yet met your minimum, you will be contacted by the Avon Foundation to make arrangements to either turn in additional donations or have the balance charged to your credit card.

Event eve requests

Walkers often bring checks to event eve to turn in.  You can ask walkers who have reached their commitment to give you an extra check.   Walkers looking for extra checks usually make a sign stating that they need checks and stand at the entrance of either the event eve location or the registration room.

Team members

One advantage of being part of a team is knowing people before you get to the walk event.  Your team mates could be a source of extra checks.

If you haven’t already done so, you might want to check out the fund-raising section of this blog or the Avon Walk website.

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