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The view is always the same if you’re not the lead dog

March 16, 2011

Charlie, Ruby and Linux lead the way

The days are getting longer.  The snow and ice are gone. It’s time to start training for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in October.

One of the best excuses to get out there is to walk the dog.  Last weekend, Linda brought along Linux.  It’s amazing how much faster one walks when there is a dog along. Even though Linux is well behaved on the leash and is 9 years old, we still walked farther in the same amount of time than without him.

A recent study showed that for getting exercise, dogs are better walking companions than humans. In a 12-week study of 54 older adults at an assisted-living home, some people selected a friend or spouse as a walking companion, while others took a bus daily to a local animal shelter, where they were assigned a dog to walk.

To the surprise of the researchers, the dog walkers showed a much greater improvement in fitness. Walking speed among the dog walkers increased by 28 percent, compared with just 4 percent among the human walkers.

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