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Facebook Fixes: Reduce the Comment and Like spam

September 24, 2011

Method 1: Unsubscribing to your friend's Comments and Likes

OK. I admit to playing FarmVille and other games on Facebook.  Since the changes to the News Feed this week, it has become less fun to play the games.

The friends I play games with are very polite. We click the Like link to indicate that we have grabbed an item or helped with a task.  I click the Like so I know what I have already done and don’t reclick when I scan the page later.

Now, with the new Subscribe feature, you are shown all the Likes and Comments your friends make – on posts of people you are not friends with.  I don’t care that my friend snagged a rainbow chicken on her friend’s wall, a friend who I don’t know.

It is very simple to prevent your friend’s comments and like from appearing on your News Feed.  Of course, this will prevent any of their Likes and Comments from showing up on your News Feed, so you may also miss something that you might have been interested in.

There are two methods from Unsubscribing to your friend’s Likes and Comments.

Method 1:

Go to your friend’s profile page.  Click on the Subscribe button on the top right side of the page. This opens up a menu.  If there is a check next to Comments and Likes, click on it to remove it.

Method 2:

On your News Feed, hover your mouse on the top right corner of your friend’s post. This will reveal an arrow.  Click the arrow to open the menu.  Click on “Unsubscribe from comments and likes by <friend>”.

Method 2: Unsubscribing from friend's Comments and Likes

Note: Unsubscribing to your friend’s Comments and Likes has no effect on these items appearing on anyone else’s News Feed or Ticker.  If you don’t want your Likes and Comments appearing to people you don’t know, be sure to set your privacy setting to at minimum Friends.  Otherwise, you don’t know who will be viewing your comments.

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