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Facebook fixes: Stop apps from posting to your news feed

September 24, 2011

Facebook is all about sharing. Unfortunately, there is a lot of minutia shared, including apps that post for you.

For example, Zynga and EA games posts a notice on your profile that you are playing the game.  Now as exciting as this news is, you probably don’t want it posting to your wall.

Note:  This is not a post from within the game where you can choose to post it.  This posted to my wall simply because I went into play the game.

Steps to turn off automatic posting by apps:

On the top right corner of your page, click the down arrow to open the menu.

Click on Privacy Settings.

Locate the Apps and Websites entry and click Edit Settings.

You will see a partial list of the apps you currently have installed.  Next to the entry Apps you use, click Edit settings.

First, locate the entry that says Post to Facebook as me.  Click remove.

Next, locate the App activity privacy.  Click on the button to open the menu (your initial privacy level may be different) .

Select Custom edit and click on edit.  Then select Only me.

Repeat these steps for all apps that you do not want automatically posting to your profile.

These changes will not prevent you from posting game items to your profile. It will stop the app from posting spam in your name.







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