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Fundraising tactic: Selling items on

December 5, 2011

For the 2012 NY Avon Walk, I am trying a new tactic.  I am selling my handmade knit hats and pink ribbon earrings on I sold my first hat yesterday.  HUZZAH!

Using Etsy is convenient and easy in that one can open a “shop” in just a few steps.  Using PayPal for payment, eliminates much of the risk with handling funds online.  The only drawback are the fees from both companies.

My hats sell for $20.00. I have opted to include the cost of shipping and handling in the price of the hat for items shipped in the U.S.  For items shipped outside the U.S. I add a $5.00 charge.

From the $20.00 I receive for the hat, I subtract the following cost of fees charged by each company involved in the transaction:

  • USPS $1.71  (mailing)
  • PayPal $0.88
  • Etsy: $0.90

Total:  $3.49 in fees.

This leaves $16.51 for donating to my 2012 NY Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

I opted not to send the item with delivery confirmation from the Post Office as this would have added an additional $0.80 fee.

Things that I am not including in the cost of the hat/transaction are:

  • Yarn – I am using yarn that I already have, mostly orphan skeins or left over remnants from other projects.
  • Envelope – I have some Tyvek envelopes in the house.

Doing a quick review of other knit hats on Esty, one finds a large price range from $0.50 – $200.00+.  Many shops charge a separate shipping and handling fee of $4.00 – $5.00.

So the question I have for my readers: – Am I charging enough for the hats?  Should I charge a separate shipping & handling fee?

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