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Facebook Fixes: How to hide recently read articles by your friends

March 3, 2012

As part of Facebook’s Open Graph project, websites like Washington Post, Huffington Post,  and Yahoo! news have partnered to show content from their sites on Facebook.  Reading stories on those sites will not automatically trigger a posting on your wall. You need to add the application to your Facebook page. Once you have accepted the terms of the app, any news story you read from that point forward will post to your wall – and show up in your friends’ news feeds.

Depending on how many friends you have and how many articles they read, this can take up quite a bit of space on your news feed.  Personally, I have no interest in what my friends are reading.  I am a bit surprised by some of the articles, especially the number of articles about Justin Bieber.

It is possible to hide this content, in just a few steps.

First, hover your mouse over the right top corner of the article box.  A drop down arrow will appear (see photo below).  Click the arrow to open the menu choices.  Click on “Hide all by….”

You will now be asked which sources you want to hide.  Click on the “Hide all by Huffington Post” to hide those stories posted by Huffington Post.  Repeat this for each source from which you no longer want to see information posted.

You will get the confirmation message displayed below. Should you want to see the posts in the future, you can return them to your news feed by using the Edit News Feed Options found at the bottom of your News Feed.

NOTE:  This will only remove the news stories from your friends.  If you are using these apps to read news, the stories you read will still post to your friends’ news feeds.

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