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Early spring

March 14, 2012

Spring has come early to the North East this year. Actually, we never really had a winter.  It’s March 14 and the high temperature in North New Jersey was 70F.  For most of this week, the temperature has been well into the 60s.   Linda and I were able to walk almost all winter.  With no snow, the walking paths were clear and ice free all season.  There were only a few days where it was really cold – otherwise, it was ideal for long 5+ mile walks on the weekends.

It’s never too early to start your walk preparation.   The first walk of the season is coming up soon – Houston TX on April 21 -22, 2012.

This year Avon Walk is offering a new event to help new walkers prepare.  Of course repeat walkers are welcome, too:  Boot Camp.  To sign up for the NY event – RSVP here.

Activities will include:

  • Physical Training. Join our 5-mile Training Walk (8:30 am).
  • Fearless Fundraising. Exercise your skill.
  • Learn the ropes. Attend our Training Workshop.
  • Day in the Life Clinic.  It’s Avon Walk Basic Training from A to Z.
  • Attend a clinic with REI staff members. Learn the basics of appropriate Avon Walk footwear and clothing.
  • Meet Alumni Walkers, Sponsors and Staff


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