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Fundraising idea: Canning

September 2, 2012

An easy fundraising technique is canning.  No, not canning as in putting up food for the winter, but rather asking drivers for money.  Yesterday my friends Sharon, Janet, their kids (who are on Youth Crew) and I spent the morning at an intersection near the Home Depot.  We arrived early, dressed in our Walk T-shirts and plastic containers labeled with the Walk info.

It turned out to be a very slow day… Saturday morning, Labor Day weekend and there were very few cars.  But, almost every driver that exited the Home Depot rolled downed their window and put some money in the jar.  What surprised me most is that 90+ percent of the donors were male, mostly contractors or other building professionals!

It was similar along the other side of the street as well.  Not sure if there were just more men out that early, or they are more generous.  Some findings, people in beat-up cars were more likely to donate that those in luxury SUVs.  Some women who saw us  reached for the center console of their vehicles (mostly SUVs) leading us to believe they were reaching for a donation. Nope. Fooled us every time. They grabbed their cellphones and made a pretense of being too busy. People with small children in the car were less likely to donate, but cars with multiple adult passengers had everyone reaching for their wallets.  One city bus driver (female) waved me over and opened the bus door and gave a donation, while two subsequent buses driven by men did not acknowledge me.

About 4 hours of canning resulted in $350.  Very respectable for a slow holiday weekend.

Should you consider canning, please contact your locale city hall to find out the town requirements and see if you need a permit.  Use caution while approaching vehicles.  Just because you think they see you, doesn’t mean they have.  Look for traffic before stepping off the curb.  Don’t obstruct traffic.  Be considerate and thank everyone who places money in the can. And be even nicer to the people who don’t donate.  – Two people actually came back and made a donation later!

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  1. October 8, 2012 7:11 am

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