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Windows 8: Back to square 1

July 14, 2013

IMG_20130713_123434_1Yesterday, I set up my new HP Pavilion computer with Windows 8.1.  Today, as they say, is another day.  I turned the machine on this morning and had no internet access.

Thought it would be an easy fix of just resetting the Wi-Fi connection. Nope.  The computer did not see any networks.  The Wi-Fi modem was working – I could use my iPad.

After running all the diagnostics I could think of, I ended up calling HP Support.  It appeared everything was in order, including the network adapters.  We even tried deleting and reinstalling the drivers, to no avail.  During the trouble shooting, the system froze 3 times.  Completely dead in the water – unable to Ctrl+Alt+Del, mouse unresponsive, nada.  Needed to do a hard boot each time.

After the HP tech associate suggested every possible fix, we decided that it might be a Windows 8.1 incompatibility issue.  So, I spent the next hour or so doing a factory reset.  The PC is now rolled back to Win8. Like I said in yesterday’s post, proceed at your own risk with Win 8.1.  It did not work on my computer, so I will wait until the official launch later this summer.

So it is back to square 1 to delete the bloatware, set up the external monitor, reload software, etc, etc, etc.

In the mean time, my friend Gabor sent me a link to an instructional video on how to use Windows 8.  The Missing Windows 8 Instructional Video. It’s a great 25 minute review of how to use the Start screen.

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