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How you feelin’? Feelin’ HOT HOT HOT Ole Ole Ole Ole

April 26, 2009

cimg21880714Not sure what happened to Spring.  The temperature today was 92F when we packed up the table at 5:00 pm.  Welcome to July in April.  The previous record high for this date was 88F in 1960.

Geri, Jane and I spent the day fundraising for the Avon Walk.  We set up the table with the jewelry and other items to sell.  We were resplendent in our pink shirts and hats.

The street fair in Summit was much larger than the one in Millburn last weekend.  The Summit fair took over Springfield Avenue, Union Place, Maple Street and Beechwood Road.  We were set up on the west end of Springfield Avenue.   There was a large turnout despite the heat.

Earrings and bracelets were big sellers.  Jane found her stash of bracelets from last years fundraising exercises. She had a number of small sparkly ones which were perfect for the younger shoppers.  It always surprises me the number of children who are willing to make a donation.  There were at least a half dozen girls, none over the age of 12 years old, who took out the money from their purses.

In total we raised $420 for the walk.  Not too shabby.  In addition, there was a woman who stopped by the table and told us about the Summit Greenfest coming up in May.  She invited us to sign up and fund raise at the event.


Temperature/Dewpoint, Relative humidity %

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